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Sunday Laws, the End, and Jon Paulien

By Eugene Prewitt Introduction Recently I watched a series of three lectures by Jon Paulien on the topic of Sunday laws. These lectures were hosted and promoted by the Central California Conference and by its administration. As I watched, I observed that the administrators said repeatedly that they did not . . . Read more

A Poem and and Good News and Pics

What a year this has been! And what a year it still is! So here are some highlights from what promises to be a too-long letter. You may read the updates and go on with your life if you so choose: Our training program moved from a beautiful campus (Aenon) . . . Read more

The Laws of God

A Short Essay on Christian Duty in Relation to the Old Testament Laws By Eugene Prewitt. You may contact the author at [email protected] Introduction The New Testament seems, to some persons, to contradict itself in relation to the Law of God. It advocates, they observe, that the “doers of the . . . Read more

October 10 2018 Prewitt Update

October 9, 2018 Prewitt Update So much has been happening! My mother has been visiting Heidi and I here in Malaysia, mostly for birthdays. First, she turned 80 on September 16. Then her adopted grandson, Deam, turned 26. And finally, I turned 47 yesterday. But though that was the pleasant . . . Read more

The Testimony of Joshua Cinsnanmang, my student

The Encounter I, Joshua Cinsnanmang, was excited because it was Thursday, the last day of canvassing for the week. My team was working a predominantly non-Christian area called Kuantan, about three hours east of Kuala Lumpur. And as I said, I was excited that it was Thursday, our last work . . . Read more

Adventist Adornment

  Adventist Adornment By Eugene Prewitt Introduction When John Wesley began to take the Bible very seriously he discovered many aspects of the worldly life that differed from the life of the believer. He began to oppose the theater and dancing, jewelry and alcohol, immodest dress and racism. And in . . . Read more

Homosexuality in the Bible

Download an abridged version of this article. Listen to Eugene Prewitt’s sermon “Gifts, Jobs, and Homosexuality” The Origin of Sexuality and of Homosexuality Human sexuality, along with a pleasing sexual imperative, is introduced at the very beginning of the Bible story. Mankind was created with gender. Gender was created with . . . Read more

Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty and Church Order Affirming both through a Biblical Balance Introduction “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3. Religious Liberty, that noble principle that animated the framers of the American Constitution, assures men in disagreement that though they may not be able to walk together, at . . . Read more

Poem — Outside of Your Tent

Outside of Your Tent The food is now ready Outside of your tent Are you hungry, my dear one? The manna is sent   The angels have brought Their own fare to the ground If you will but search Christ has given     us no promise of help in bearing . . . Read more