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Category: Education (the book) Study Guides

Guide L Ed ch 32-35 Fe ch 36 and 59

Philosophy of Adventist Education Study Questions on the following chapters from Education: Preparation, Co-operation, Discipline. And from Fundamentals of Christian Education, Expulsion of Students, Correct School Discipline.   FE Chap. 59 – Correct School Discipline   What responsibility did the school have for  the temptations attacking unruly students in 454:1? . . . Read more

Guide K Ed ch 24-31 less 30

Philosophy of Adventist Education Ch. 24 Education Study Notes Manual Training   The fourth commandment enforces labor. What blessings does manual work bring according to 214:1.and 215:2? Those who would be children of God should notice that God is a constant worker and imitate him. All creation is active. This . . . Read more

Guide H Ed ch 13 to 15

Study Notes for Philosophy of Adventist Education Chapters 13, 14 and 15   Chap. 13 – Mental and Spiritual Culture   In a previous chapter EGW spoke of laws governing our spiritual, mental, and physical nature. In this chapter she speaks of one law that governs all three. In your . . . Read more

Guide G Ed ch 10 to 12

Philosophy of Adventist Education Study Guide, Chap. 10 – God in Nature   How does 99.1 support 2 Pt 3’s statement about “willingly ignorant”? Have you ever wondered how things in orbit ended up going the right direction at the right speed to end up in stable orbits? Thought question. . . . Read more