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Pagan Influence and Demonic Doors

Pagan Influence and Demonic Doors A Bible Study by Eugene Prewitt   Every now and again I meet an earnest Christian that is concerned regarding some relic of Paganism that has crept into his church or home. From neck ties to Easter bunnies, from Christmas trees to concrete pineapple statues, . . . Read more

God, Satan, or Chance

Is it God or Satan or chance or global warming that sends bad weather? The Bible answers plainly.   First, it is apparent that even the winds “obey” Jesus when He commands. In the midst of a storm that was threatening his disciples’ ship Jesus came to their rescue:   . . . Read more

The Human Imagination and its Diseases

The Faculty of Imagination A study by Eugene Prewitt Introduction The faculty of “imagination” is one that is often enslaved, enfeebled, corrupted, or otherwise poorly developed. In the two volumes of Mind, Character and Personality we find an entire chapter (pp. 587-595) devoted to the topic and titled, aptly, “Imagination.” . . . Read more