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Loma Linda Messages Summary Part 3

Notes from Loma Linda Messages. Prepared for the brainstorming committee self appointed on January 26, 2003.

My soul is stirred within me. I shall trust in God with heart and soul. I shall proclaim the messages that He has given me to proclaim. I testify in the Lord that our youth should not be encouraged to go to Battle Creek to be made infidels. God will help us to see what can be done to prevent this. We are now to work earnestly and intelligently to save our youth from being taken captive by the enemy. {LLM 70.5}

Segment 3, below, covers pages 101-  in the original edition, 66-  in the edition published in 1981. The pagination below represents the 1981 edition.


67.4-67.5         The Med. Missionary work is not to become the “body.” It is the arm. And the body, including the arm, is to be separate from world. Kellogg united the body to the world by inviting worldly men “into his councils” and by involving a worldly lawyer.

69.3                 [Read this paragraph in LLM]  Young men, as medical missionaries, should go apprentice under evangelists and become evangelists themselves. They should do door-to-door medical evangelism.*  [Has this model every been tried???]

73.4                 In sanitariums, “medical and surgical” work should be doable.

101.2               “In the past, decided failures have been made in the institutions established for the care of the sick because so much business has been crowded in that the main object for which our sanitariums are established has been lost sight of. Great loss has thus been sustained. I am to urge upon our people that the proclamation of the principles of truth must be kept prominent, as the main line of work for which our sanitariums were instituted.”

101.3               “Every day devotional exercises are to be held.”


73.7                 Better for the work to be crippled than for workers who are not fully devoted to be employed . . .. The Lord has no use whatever for men who are not wholly consecrated to His service.

76.6                 ** “It requires talent of no ordinary ability to manage a sanitarium. Men of experience, tried and tested must take hold of the work. That part of the workers who undertake to establish such an institution are experienced and qualified, is not sufficient. For their own sake, for the sake of the institution, and for the sake of the cause at large, it is important that a complete corps of well qualified men and women be found to enter upon the work. The Lord’s eye is over the whole field, and when the time is ripe for an institution to be started in a certain field, He can turn toward that place the minds of the men and women best prepared to enter the institution. **

77.4                 Nurses “not rooted and grounded in the truth should not be employed.”

80                    See this page for a description of staffing positions at start of the Glendale Sanitarium

80-81               There is a good deal of info here about choosing a director and a business manager for an institution. Read it. The angel said, “No mistake must be made in this matter. Men are not to be placed in positions of trust who have not been tested and tried. [Chose] men who can discern the work that needs to be done, and prayerfully do it, that the mistakes and errors of the past need not be repeated. The one who is placed in the position of business manager,” he said, “must daily be managed by the Lord. He should have dignity and knowledge, blended with a clear sense of how to use his authority.”

83.3                 “He will raise up from among the common people, men and women to do His work . . . There will soon be an awakening that will surprise many. Those who do not realize the necessity of what is to be done, will be passed by.” [Amen!]

129                  Ellen White released her own secretary to do educational work because of her great talent and because of the great need. This was the “only reason” she could release her. Important: She did NOT give her the option of working half for EGW and half for the educational institution. She must prayerfully chose and devote her whole self to one.

131.1               A Dr. was needed for St. Helena San. One was available, but “We have no use for Dr. Sanderson and shall not give him another call. His wife is sufficient objection to his coming to St. Helena.” “We see no call for Dr. Sanderson until he is a converted man.”

131.3               In her old age, EGW worked night and day to find and secure doctors for the sanitariums. “I have written early and late without rest and now this morning am admonished that I must rest.”



67.3                 When truth is proclaimed in one place, go to others, as Christ did. They asked him to stay with them, but He said, ‘I must tell others.’

86.3                 “The electric cars running close by [Glendale San.] make access to it very convenient.”

98.2-98.4         Establish “some miles” from the cities where there is considerable “land.” Read context.

110.1               LL “is one of the most perfect places for a sanitarium that I have ever seen.”

111.3               Those, who against counsel, cling to cities for placing sanitariums will regret it soon

111.4-111.5     “Let your schools, the high and the lowly, be out of the cities.”

118.3               LL is “five miles from Redlands, and twelve from Riverside.”

119.6               It is 76 acres, plenty of fruit trees*

122-123           There are a number of descriptions in LL of the furnishings; this is one of the most complete. It was nearly luxurious in its furniture and carpets.

132.2               “Very much depends upon having good water.”




98.1                 Go forward and secure the property even thought you have not found the proper man to run it. When the time comes, you will find the man.


70.1                 God will turn and overturn. He will raise men to prominence who are humble.

71.3                 “Neither is it His purpose that medical missionary workers shall spend a long term of years in college before they enter the field. Let the young men and women who know the truth go to work, not in places where the truth has been proclaimed, but in places that have not heard the message, and let them work as canvassers and evangelists. Let the teachers of these youth take them away from the place where God has indicated by His judgments that they should not be.”*

73.5                 From light given to EGW she knew that groups should do medical missionary work from town to town and that this work is best prepared for by the work of the “faithful canvasser.”

74.4                 Promoting health reform in local churches a means revival. “See if the breath of life will not then come into these churches.”

77.2                 Ellen White wrote “I was to set an example to the church by taking the sick to my home and caring for them.”

107.1-107.3     Beware of political machinations of Satan, flattering words from persons with connections, to deceive and disrupt and derail the work. (Kellogg is context). Educational men must be placed at heads of departments that are firm as rock to principle and truth.

111.5               Look, not for lands alone, but for buildings already built. God will arrange to have them sold cheaply.

133.3-133.4     Workers should be given only a day’s labor to do. Over work should not be encouraged. Only women are qualified to decide how much labor a woman should do.


82.4                 From an EGW fundraising testimony: “Christian philanthropists should step forward just now to fulfill the commission of Christ. Let our brethren send in their gifts with thanksgiving and with prayer, that they may be multiplied and blessed by the Lord, as was the food given to the disciples to give to the five thousand.”

89.1                 “Will you please consider the advisability of establishing a sanitarium in the vicinity of these towns, with treatment-rooms in each place to act as feeders to the institution?” [The idea here is to have small treatment facilities in towns that funnel patients to the sanitarium out of town. Very interesting.]

95.2-95.4         The conference can not be expected to take up the responsibility for the sanitarium. We will take it to the people, BUT the people must have “definite information” on “terms of payment.” If you wait for the conference to take responsibility, there will be no hope.

95.6-96.1         Ellen White was looking for persons to give her 0% interest personal loans to invest in starting the sanitarium. [What an example.]

111.7               From EGW fundraising testimony: “Gifts, and loans at a low rate of interest, will be gladly received. My brethren, it is the Lord’s money that you are handling, and you cannot invest it better than by putting it into the Lord’s work.”

131.6,138.8     “If we introduce a new system of paying our surgeons high wages, there may be a hard problem to settle after a time. Other physicians will demand high wages, and our ministers will require consideration also.” This was in response to a demand by a physician for a high salary, $25/wk plus commission on surgery.


68.3                 “No arrangements should be made to gather a large number of students at any one place.” If this is done, and teachers err, a false stamp will be placed on all the education.*

69.4-69.5         A few should be trained as physicians. Many could work under these few with a quick training that did not qualify them to hold a “fully accredited” diploma as a physician. Many with little opportunity for “regular course” education could be qualified to help as “rank and file” workers and nurses.

74.3                 About six years before 68.3 (above) when Battle Creek was smaller, and Kellogg on target, EGW wrote “The complaint comes, Dr. Kellogg has gathered up all the young men he can get, and therefore we have no workers. But this is the very best thing that could be done for the young men and the work.” Why? Because they will be sent back to churches to work.


71.5                 Jesus, in the Great Commission, did not “tell them to establish a seminary in Jerusalem, and to gather together students to be instructed in the . . . classics.” They were to “Go!”*

78.3                 Nurses, in the sanitarium, “should have regular Bible instruction” so they can share.

85.7                 “Temptations are being brought in by men who have been long in the truth. The truths that we received in 1841, ’42, ’43 and ’44 are now to be studied and proclaimed. The messages of the first, second, and third angels will in the future be proclaimed with a loud voice.”

100.3               See context of this: “God would draw minds from the conviction of logic to a conviction deeper, higher, purer, and more glorious, a conviction unperverted by human logic. Human logic has often nearly quenched the light which God would have shine forth in clear rays.”

102.4               Bookkeeping is a line of education that “in no case should be neglected” in the Loma Linda School.


67-68               Medical Missionaries should not allow themselves to be controlled by the “authority” of a physician (like Kellogg) who would separate them from their brethren

72A.1-72A.2   True Medical Missionaries will be hated, as was Jesus, and persecuted from city to city.

73.3                 Ellen White said to read a certain list of passages that “outline true medical missionary work.” To save ink??? these were left out of the manuscript. Sadly. Anyone of you with the manuscript could perhaps give us the references at least.

79                    Not one or two, but more men, should follow up on large additions to church membership with giving continued Bible studies to ground the new believers.

94.2                 “Obedience is the life of the soul. It brings health and peace and assurance.”

102.6               Counsel to Burden, the leader in pioneering LL, “Do not be discouraged if in any wise there is some cutting across of your plans, and if you are somewhat hindered.”

114                  Very interesting story about Boulder Sanitarium. A physician set up practice next to it, lowered the standard, and drew patients away from it. Now it was struggling already to make ends meet. How to relate? Sell the Sanitarium? Read it and see (smile).

127.4               “Read the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah. Read it over many times, and you will receive a deeper impression each time.”

128.3               Talented staff may be called away from their teaching responsibilities for a time to meet important issues in the church. This should be permitted, even assisted.

132.3-133:2     In business of healthy restaurants, many have “lost science of soul-winning.” We can not recommend making more until they are more evangelistic and less business oriented. “Please read testimonies” published in 7T on restaurants and health-foods

* Indicates a point that, while only noted in these pages one time, is found repeatedly and emphatically in the LLM.

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