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Loma Linda Messages Summary Part 2

Notes from Loma Linda Messages. Prepared for the brainstorming committee self appointed on January 26, 2003.

I have tried in every way to bring about the needed reformation, and save the souls of those who are following a wrong course. But I cannot go on as I have been going. When every effort has been made to save their souls, and yet all is in vain, we must cry aloud and spare not, lest our silence be interpreted to mean consent. The time has come when each one must stand in his lot and place, prepared to call sin, sin, and righteousness, righteousness.  {LLM 48.1}

Segment 1, below, covers pages 60-100 in the original edition, 38-65 in the edition published in 1981. The pagination below represents the 1981 edition. I have noticed that many statements in the first 50 pages were selected from larger letters found later in the collection. When I come across statements for the second time I will pass over them except as additional information is presented.


55.1                 Hold a Bible Institute in a place where there is a sanitarium, where Medical Missionaries and ministers may meet together to study the Bible. Read it together. Don’t twist it.


40.3                 Workers who are “bright and cheerful,” not “stiff, unsocial,” nor “trifling, light”



39.1                          To help those who have “never heard the truth”—[Perhaps this would be suggestive]

39.4-39.6             Southern California, many places. This is repeated repeatedly.

40.1-40.2             In beautiful nature where patients can pleasantly work outside with plants

42.1                          Work in the capitol, Washington D.C., as well as Southern California

42.2-42.3         Paradise Valley was purchased “about six miles from San Diego”

It was on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley; airy, appropriate

43.3                 Don’t “build hotels for . . . tourists,” and don’t “establish sanitariums in the cities.”

53.2, 53.3        In “every large city” there should be medical missionary workers emanating from not-far-distant educating sanitariums

There are many in cities that will attend, but will/can not go a great distance

God “invests with holy dignity” those that open these sanitariums in new places

57.5                 The need “calls for small sanitariums in many places, not in the heart of cities.”

62.6                 Practical apprenticeship in “different places” should be used to teach.


39.2                 To give the Elijah Message, “Repent!” to flocks of tourists

61.2-62.1         Ellen White bowed in grief that “so many” that call “themselves Medical Missionaries” do a work so unlike what Jesus did. His emphasis, his focus, was on teaching about spiritual life and about the Father. Will anyone do this kind of Med. Missionary work?


39.1                          Be in earnest that this work “extend rapidly”

44.1                 All is urgent. If workable buildings can not be purchased for a reasonable sum, then purchase land and erect buildings. Get started.



41.2-3                     Jesus left heaven and became poor. His success, and ours, lies in “simplicity,” of this kind. Will we try to make big splash as the world does? Jesus said, “Foxes have holes…”

49.4                 “Those who put their whole soul into the medical missionary work, who labor untiringly, in peril, in privation, in watchings oft, in weariness and painfulness, are in danger of forgetting that they must be faithful guardians of their own mental and physical powers. They are not to allow themselves to be overtaxed. But they are filled with zeal and earnestness, and they sometimes move unadvisedly, putting themselves under too heavy a strain.”

54.3                 Example of the pioneers. They were “medical missionaries.” Starting was difficult. “But the difficulties we encountered only made us unite in pushing forward the harder, and we have not forgotten what wonderful victories the Lord gave us. How many times there came upon us trials that almost overpowered us.”

54                    Contrast made by Ellen White between 1850’s and 1905

1850’s                                                             1905

Earnest Prayer                                                            [implied problems by contrast]

Humility                                                         [implied problems by contrast]

No one advised to spend years in preparation [implied problems by contrast]

No institutions                                                            Many Institutions/large “corps of

Power and Healing                                                      physicians working”

Nights spent in prayer

Many miracles wrought                                  Few better prepared for medical work

                                                                                                            than in 1850’s


55.4-56.1         “Mistakes will be made.” Don’t “bear down” on those that make mistakes. But also, do not let one thread spoil the beautiful medical missionary plan God has given. EGW said she must write these words “over and over” until “adherence to principle” shows men have repented. Also, some “mistakes” are result of Angels leading men to ignore committee recommendations, so be careful how you censure.

56-57               The institution should not grow to the point that it holds “many workers” in a centralized place (as Battle Creek did). It should be small enough to let the workers spread nationwide. “God has not given us the work of erecting immense sanitariums.” “Break up the large centers,” has been the word of the Lord.” [How?]

59.3                 Worst evil in church: when Med. Missionaries are not united with ministers. MM should be interested in the work of the conference, and the conference in their work as well


41.1                          If Christ’s followers follow Him in self-denial, there will be plenty of money available for establishing medical missionary work in “many places.”

42.5                 When EGW could not convince the brethren to buy PV, she asked two friends to go in with her and buy it privately for $5,000.

43.6-43.7         Balance to the above: Workers should listen to those with great experience to save themselves financial embarrassment. They should not feel that they do not need to counsel with others.

44.3                 God’s plan: Selling COL and MH to finance Education and Sanitarium debt-reduction

44.4                 Do not depend much on regular offerings (second tithe). Rather, work hard to develop industries that students can use to pay their way through school.

44.5                 Parents should pay tuition of their child. COL sale fund should help students that have many siblings, or that have no support from home.

45.1                 Let children do “all in their power” to earn their tuition “before” commencing studies

46                    This page is more about the plan to use books to finance the institution.

Students will gain much more than money…they will be trained by God for missions

“The Lord makes a way for all those that employ the means He has” chosen for

financing the work. For institutions, it is book selling. See context.

47                        In the book selling ministry, go over the same territory “again and again.” It is good.

With humble hearts begin afresh, and by your words and example encourage those who have never tried to sell the book to make an effort

53.1                 Give all the publicity you can to the work that must be done

57-58               Large Patronage is not sign of God’s blessing necessarily. If wealthy patients come for the pleasantry of the service, the staff become their servants rather than missionaries.


53.1                 Give “all the publicity we can” to the work that needs to be done.

56.3-56.4         Do not ask students to contract themselves to years in a particular field or under the direction of a certain group of men. God must be given room to guide minds.

58.2                 Let ministers learn how to give treatments and to become Medical Missionaries

60.2                 We “cannot afford” to let the minds of the youth be leavened by worldly influences in places like Battle Creek. Provide better options. Church destiny hangs on this.


52.1, 52.5        Young people are brought to our sanitariums to be trained as medical missionaries

62.5                 “Those who expect to become medical missionary workers must be thoroughly educated in Bible lines. They should have the very best spiritual advantages, in order that they may be fitted to teach and to train others.”

62.6                 Practical apprenticeship in “different places” should be used to teach.

64.5                 “Study the Bible more, and the theories of the medical fraternities less, and you will have greater spiritual health. . . Those who take a medical training spend a great deal of time in learning that which is merely rubbish. Many of the theories that they learn may be compared in value to the traditions . . . taught by the scribes . . . . Many of the intricacies with which they have to become familiar are an injury to their minds.”

65.4                 Medical research will have greater “soundness” when researchers are resting in Christ


“Read the fifty-seventh of Isaiah. Study this chapter carefully for it means much to you. I will make no comments upon it. If you will study it carefully, and prayerfully, you will become wise unto salvation.”  {LLM 41.4}

“It is because there are so many day-dreamers that true workers have to carry double burdens.”  {LLM 49.7}

“Study the twelfth chapter of Romans. It points out the unity, the sympathy, the kindness, the unselfish love, that is to exist amongst God’s workers.”  {LLM 50.3}

Let medical missionaries go forth “two by two” and in “little companies” to do their work. {LLM 58.4}

Physicians should not locate their practice near spiritual Jerusalem centers, even to gain patronage. {LLM  63.4}


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