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Loma Linda Messages Summary Part 1

Notes from Loma Linda Messages. Prepared for the brainstorming committee self appointed on January 26, 2003.
“One night we seemed to be in a council meeting and the question was being considered, how can the sanitarium work in southern California be best advanced? One present proposed one thing, and still another proposed something entirely different. One of dignity and authority arose and said: “I have some words of counsel for you. Never, never repeat a mistake of the past. Men have placed too much confidence in themselves . . . You have, said our instructor, come to an important place in the history of your work.”  {LLM 30.3}
Organization and Methodology of This Study
The following information is necessarily very concise and heavily abbreviated. Any other method would be nearly an attempt to reorganize the contents of the manuscripts under discussion. The study has been performed over the course of time by following a simple course of action. Prior to each study session, I have pleaded with God for help to understand what is applicable and why. Then I have commenced reading with the paragraph immediately following the place where I have last left off.

While reading I have endeavored to ask myself, “Does this counsel contain information that would be helpful to the organizing and pioneering of a school today that is similar in principle that which has been proposed by the brainstorming committee? If not, does it give any significant reasons why the nature of the proposal ought to be significantly altered?” In the event that the first question is answered in the affirmative, I have asked, “Does it answer better the question of What, Who, Where, Why, When, or How?” “Does it address specifics brought up in the committee?” “Does it address specifics that should have been brought up in the committee, or that should be broached in a further meeting?”

On the basis of the first question I have organized the ideas into sections named “What,” “Who,” etc. And I have allowed the latter questions to determine the way in which the counsel is summarized. In many cases conclusions based on the counsel stand in place of the counsel itself. In every case the number given as a reference refers to a page and paragraph number in the book Loma Linda Messages. Exceptions are those references where an abbreviation specifying a different book is indicated. All references are given in standard format as found at the end of paragraphs on the official Ellen White CD-ROM.

Segment 1, below, covers pages 1-60 in the original edition, 1-38 in the edition published in 1981. The pagination below represents the 1981 edition.


3.6                   Before the counsel came to train physicians at LL, the counsel came to train nurses there

4.6                   Train Physicians who will work without demanding highest pay

5.2                   [NOT EGW] Committee to oversee the training at LL discussed the same options that we

did. They spoke of training workers in a new line of medicine (as Osteopaths, etc.) and of

giving an education in the pre-med work where students would finish elsewhere.

7.2                   [NOT EGW] Resolved: To seek a charter from the state to be able to grant degrees.

resolution recognized that many students will enter foreign fields after one or two years

of medical training as these foreign fields were not as regulated. These will not need


27.5                 Multiple sanitariums in Southern California….teaching 3 Angel’s Messages, etc.


7.1                   [NOT EGW] LL resolved to start training nurses and doctors with a “strong educational faculty:”

Two Physicians working as teachers

Three Physicians working in the sanitarium

One Bible Teacher

One General Education Teacher

A Few Vo-Tech Teachers to teach:



Dietetics and Cooking

“Etc.”                          Apparent Goal for Original Faculty: 12 Persons


1.1-1.6                   Redlands and S. California were chosen because of their:

Climate, also 27:

Tourist Traffic, also 27.2

Current and future secular interest in sanitariums in that area

The idea to build there, though it was God’s, was not made immediately clear, but rather was allowed to grow on people as a plausibility

2.3, 3.1            The place chosen  by God must be secured by faith and prompt action

The fact that it is chosen is no evidence that it will not be taken by others

Believers (EGW) promised not only to help pay, but to help raise money

3.3                   Beauty of landscape was a primary reason to choose LL

3.7                   The collection and arrangement of buildings at LL gave “great advantage” to the place.

27.3-28.2         Away from city (Los Angeles) but in its vicinity. See 27.5 under “What”

In “rural district,” where sick have benefit of “outdoor life”


28.6                 “Do your best to remedy the neglect of the past . . . .If this sanitarium is conducted in harmony with the will of God, it will be a means” of winning many souls.

30.5-31.4         Some are asking, “Why depend so much on sanitariums? Why do we not pray for the miraculous healing of the sick?” Ellen White answers that in early SDA history, many were healed, and many continued a poor life-style. God is not glorified. He is glorified, rather, by health education. This is why.

36.1                 Why are other schools already established not sufficient for the need? They have worked at “cross purposes” with God, “making it necessary for God to withdraw His prospering hand from the publishing association and from the conference.”

38.7                 “For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance rise to the Jews (the work) from another place, but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed:” Ester 4:14


9.3                   Establish the Sanitarium first, either with very small school, or before the school

28.3                 “Why this work should be delayed from year to year is a great mystery.” See 28:4 under “Revenues”


3.6                             Invite prominent SDA’s (Haskell in LL case) to come urging need of them to give proper tone to the institution.

4.2                             School at LL with Sanitarium to be conducted “like schools of the prophets” May not be “like” others. Should train, not for commercial enterprise, but for selfless service

4.3                    “must have carefully selected instructors.”

4.3                   Students must not be required to:

Take unessential classes to graduate

Take objectionable classes to graduate

Depend on schools that require the unessential and objectionable to graduate

5.5-6.2             [NOT EGW] Resolved to ask world field to bear the expense in light of the fact that the

graduates would serve the world field and not be primarily stationed in the conference

where LL was located.

6.7                   [NOT EGW] Resolved to train “fully accredited physicians.” Note: This demonstrates a

change in the use of the word “accredited” from referring to the legally recognized

abilities of medical personnel to the recognizing of institutions as qualified to train them.

7.2                   [NOT EGW] Estimated cost to equip the LL buildings technically – $15,000. This is

equivalent to about $200,000 is gold-buying power today.

8.6-9.3             EGW responds to the above three resolutions. She tells them that if they had a sure way

to get the money, the plans would be good. But it would be premature to move forward

in plans so large if it meant incurring such a large indebtedness. See 21.9 for evidence

that it was actually built much larger than originally planned.

9.4-9.6             Especially should they not invest in equipping the school to be able immediately qualify

physicians for the “state” examinations. Grow only as fast as they can manage the


10.1                 In this context—it is not essential that we train fully qualified physicians that can

“compete” with the physicians of the world.

10.2                 You may have “success” in training medical missionaries with degrees. Simplicity is key.

10.3                 World’s medical standard is to be “less and less valued” by us.

Our own standard, different and higher, will become the standard as we stick to it.

This is a matter of prophecy. The “less and less value” is certainly thinking out of the

box. (my note).

10.4                 “Not now prepared to carry on large institutions of medical learning.”

13-14               Q.        LL asked EGW:

“Would there be danger, first, in securing a charter for the school that would open the way for the Loma Linda students to secure this advantage in worldly schools of completing their course, and becoming accredited physicians? Would such a plan lead away from the purpose of the school — to qualify large numbers with the ability of physicians to labor as evangelists?”

A.        She answered with the following points

“We want none of that kind of ‘higher education’ that will put us in a position where the credit must be given, not to the Lord God of Israel, but to the god of Ekron. The Lord designs that we shall stand as a distinct people, so connected with Him that He can work with us. Let our physicians realize that they are to depend wholly upon the true God.  {LLM 14.2}

“I felt a heavy burden this morning when I read over a letter that I found in my room, in which a plan was outlined for having medical students take some work at Loma Linda, but to get the finishing touches of their education from some worldly institution. I must state that the light that I have received is that we are to stand as a commandment-keeping people, and this will separate us from the world. {LLM 14.3}. . . . Your success depends upon the blessing of God, not upon the views of men who are opposed to the law of God. When they see that God blesses us, then people will be led to give consideration to the truths we teach.  {LLM 14.5}

[NOTE: The whole of this letter is interesting on these particular points. Perhaps these pages are the most important ones in the book for the philosophical basis of dealing with the accreditation issue. “Hindsight” by Dave Fiedler has significant information on this point that ought to be understood regarding the Miraculous Work of God to make provision for obedience to this counsel..]

16.7                 “I am instructed to say that in our educational work there is to be no compromise in order to meet the world’s standards.” [Note: this was written apparently in response to the resolution to secure a state charter and move forward with following EGW’s counsel as noted above.] “Our people are now being tested” she wrote, regarding their source of wisdom. God? Or Ekron? “Let us determine that we will not be tied by so much as a thread to the educational policies of those who do not discern the voice of God, and who will not hearken to His commandments. . .  {LLM 16.8}

Shall we represent before the world, that our physicians must follow the pattern of the world before they can be qualified to act as successful physicians? This is the question that is now testing the faith of some of our brethren. {17.1}

Some have advised that students should, after taking some work at Loma Linda, complete their medical education in worldly colleges. But this is not in harmony with the Lord’s plan. God is our wisdom, our sanctification, and our righteousness. Facilities should be provided at Loma Linda, that the necessary instruction in medical lines may be given by instructors who fear the Lord, and who are in harmony with His plans for the (26) treatment of the sick.  {LLM 17.2}

“I have not a word to say in favor of the world’s ideas of higher education in any school that we shall organize for the training of physicians. There is danger in their attaching themselves to worldly institutions, and working under the ministrations of worldly physicians.

33-37               Not by the wisdom of men, but by following the Spirit of Prophecy. THESE PAGES ARE A BEAUTIFUL BIBLE AND HISTORY STUDY ON PROPHETIC GUIDANCE. They were written by Elder Burden.

37.5-37.7         “If ever the Lord has spoken by me, He speaks when I say that the workers engaged in educational lines, in ministerial lines, and in medical missionary lines must stand as a unit. “Medical missionary work is yet in its infancy. The meaning of genuine medical missionary work is known but by few. Why? Because the Saviour’s plan of work has not been followed.”

What is this plan?

Companies should be organized and educated most thoroughly

With nurses

With evangelists

With ministers

With canvassers

With “gospel students”

These should make “medical evangelistic tours” among “towns and villages”


10.3                 We should not charge the “high prices” for medical attention that physicians charge

for this would be “working away” from Christ’s life.

10.4                 “Many more” lady nurses and physicians for treating females

12                    [NOT EGW] Request to the GC for funding was answered mostly negatively.

However, the GC did agree to pay the Bible teacher and to request the local Union

to carry part of the financial load, and to send students.

19                    [NOT EGW} Resolution:     “(4) That the school be maintained by Funds obtained as follows: (a) Tuition; (b) Donations; (c) Deficit, if any, to (page 29 begins) be met annually by the General Conference, the Lake, Northern, Central, Southwestern, North Pacific, and Pacific Union Conferences, and the Southern California Conference, all sharing equally.  {LLM 19.3}

21                    School operated with a net gain even its first year. Started with about 45 students, half studying to be physicians, and half studying to be nurses. Capitol investment was donated.

28:3-28.5         “It has been a lack of harmony . . . that has delayed the establishment of a sanitarium . . .[because of] variance . . . means that should have been invested in sanitariums have been turned into other channels. . .The [start debt-free] idea . . .has put the brakes upon the wheels of progress.” In building schools and sanitariums “I have had to borrow money” that “something might be done at once.” For 20 years I have been borrowing and “paying interest on it.” Thus [is this a selling point??] “the tithe has been increased, and workers been added to the Lord’s forces.” “Will my brethren consider this?”

29.3                 [NOT EGW} Pledges were used to raise substantial money. [Note: This has been a regular feature of institutional pioneering. The wealthy may give a great deal. In offerings the middle and poor classes may give some substantial amount. But these classes may give, themselves, a very great sum in pledges. Pledges obligate them to a habit of self-denial that will cause a great deal more money to come to the cause than will taking up offerings.

36.5                 The willingness of the sanitarium to invest its earnings outside of itself, in the school and in foreign missions, would have kept it prospering. “The withholding tends to poverty.”


4.4                   Hunt for students who will “plow into the Word” and will prepare to fulfill Matt 28

7.4                   Original plan was to train 25 to 50 students. This appears to be the goal for the ongoing

program, rather than a goal for starting.

21.9                 1910, voted to begin building, ladies dorm to house 100. School opened that fall.

30.6                 “Great care should be shown in choosing young people to connect with our sanitariums.” Only lovers of truth, those that can spiritually help patients, those apt to learn from Jesus, should be chosen.


4.3                   Primacy of the Word. Taught that it is “essential.”

13:1                 [NOT EGW] LL found that two teach all that was necessary for a two-year course

in a public institution, plus the Bible and practical work God required, would take

three years. These three years were “readily” accepted for “two” in outside schools.

18.4-18.5         “The light given me is, We must provide that which is essential to qualify our youth who desire to be physicians, so that they may intelligently fit themselves to be able to stand the examinations essential to prove their efficiency as physicians. They are to be prepared to stand the essential tests required by law. . . .And whatever subjects are required as essential in the schools conducted by those not of our faith, we are to supply, so (28) that our youth need not go to these worldly schools.


Ellen White wrote “that I never advise anything unless I have a decided impression that it should be carried out.” 2.4.


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