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Study Guide on the Early Celtic Church

Study Guide and Questions on the


History of the Church of England


Questions with an asterisk (*) are answered in Truth Triumphant

the Others Are Answered in D’Aubigne’s

History of the Reformation of the 16th Century

pp 677-702 (Volume 5, book 17, chapters 1-6).


  1. Points to notice (no need to write anything)
    1. There is a controversy over Lucius (Lucian*)
    2. In the British Isles,       Diocletian’s persecution ended in 305
  1.                                                                i.      Diocletian resigned in 305. Prior to this he had divided his empire into two halves (and these each into two sections—making four)
  2.                                                              ii.      So in one fourth, persecution ended in 305; in another, in 311; and finally in 313. (Diocletian died later in retirement).
    1. Succat was the original name of Patrick.
  1. How was Patrick converted? (Tell briefly)
  2. What evidence exists that Iona      was not a monastery?
  3. How were the missionaries from Iona      supported financially?
  4. Where is Icolmkill? Why did Columbus choose to come to this area?
  5. Who, from the British missionaries, took the gospel      to the Bergundian, Franks, and Swiss?
  6. D’Aubigne suggests that by neglecting to evangelize a      certain segment of society, the Celtic church left room for Satan’s church      to work. Which segment was this?
  7. Which event seemed to Pope Gregory I to indicate a      good time for sending a mission organization to Great Britian?
  8. How does D’Aubigne use the history of the “struggle”      of the 7th century to prove his point regarding the freedom of      the British church prior to this period? (In other words, explain the      logic of his argument.)
  9. Why did many of Dinooth’s bishops stop eating meals      with the Saxons when the Saxons were converted?
  10. What sign did the British Christians look for in      their third meeting with Augustine?
  11. What threat did Augustine make when they told him      “no” that third time?
  12. Why did Edelfrid regard the 1200 Christians as      fighting against him “though unarmed”?
  13. How was Eadbald (Ethelbert*) saved from his short      “apostasy”?
  14. Know and be able to tell the story of Edelfrid’s son Oswald      and Oswald’s friend Aidan (and of Corman). [5 points…this will be a quiz question.      You don’t need to write anything now.]
  15. How was Oswy related to Oswald? To Oswin? To Peada?      To Alfred? (4 pts)
  16. What sin of Oswy seems to have inclined him to seek      help from the Roman bishops?
  17. In the Whitby      conference of Oswy to determine which religion was true, what Biblical      statement by Wilfrid and confirmed by Colman seemed to determine the issue      with Oswy?
  18. Notice the neutral way D’Aubigne writes of the      “conspiracy.” (No need to write anything here).
  19. How did Wilfrid use Disaster and Relief Ministry to      convert Sussex?
  20. How was Adamnan won to the Romish opinions? How did Iona relate to his “conversion”?
  21. How was Prince Naitam won over?
  22. How did Egbert win over Iona?
  23. For what crime was Clement jailed in March of 744?
  24. For what habit were Scottish Bishops rejected in 813?
  25. When Gregory VII (Hildebrand) enforced celibacy on      the priesthood, which English monarch maintained the right of most of the      priests in his nation to keep their wives?
  26. Before King John made himself a vassal of the Pope he      made arrangements to submit himself as a vassal of what other power?
  27. Why did John sign Magna      Charta at Runnymeade?
  28. How did John die? How were his marauding bands      brought to an end?
  29. Grostete, refusing a request of Innocent the IV,      compared him to antichrist. What had Innocent asked him to do?
  30. What was the relation of Branderwine to Edward III?      What two battles does D’Aubigne describe Edward as attempting? Which had      the longer lasting impact?

For the Word Doc: Study_Guide_on_the_Early_Celtic_Church

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