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Category: Revelation Class

Revelation 1 and Beholding Christ

Rev_1_-Beholding_Christ_in_Revelation  [This is the Word Document] Beholding Christ in Revelation   1:1       Jesus receives from God to give to us 1:1       Jesus has angels 1:1       Jesus has servants 1:4       Jesus, by John, sends us Grace and Peace 1:5       Jesus is a Faithful Witness TIHI 3:14 1:5       Jesus is the First . . . Read more

Revelation 2

HANDOUT ONE EARLY CHRISTIAN CHURCH   History and the Truth   As a means of finding truth, history hobbles towards the mark. So many issues plague the accuracy of its stories. The perspectives of witnesses color their memory even in the immediate wake of an event. Remove some weeks or . . . Read more

Revelation 3 and the Latter Rain

Honored with the Latter Rain And Receiving a Larger Measure of the Spirit until Then     SECTION ONE — Causes and Reasons for Spiritual Renewal   Our tendency is to undervalue spiritual events and blessings. Consequently ceremonies are often used to solemnize moods and to focus participants on the . . . Read more

Revelation and the Laodicean Message

Laodicea A Bible Study       There have always been messages that were more timely than others. Truth seems to come alive when its time has come. At its appointed moment, the currents of thought and politics in the world work together to make it most relevant. Or its . . . Read more

Revelation 4 and 5 and the Sanctuary

Revelation 4-5 The Sanctuary in Revelation Brief Idea:       The reality of a heavenly sanctuary is obvious in the book of Revelation. Understanding the sanctuary services is helpful to understanding the book of Revelation. The timing of various sections of Revelation becomes apparent via sanctuary items when the books of Daniel . . . Read more

Revelation 6 and the Seven Seals

Revelation 6 The Seals and the Saints   Brief Ideas: As Daniel 2 provided an outline of five world empires that were described again in chapter 7 and again in chapter 8, so Revelation 2-3 provided an outline of seven great ages of the church that are described again in . . . Read more

Revelation 7 and other Topics

Notes on Revelation 7 Miscellaneous Truths not Addressed in the Article on the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast   Brief Idea: The Time of Trouble commences at the conclusion of the sealing. Spiritual Jews alone receive the Seal of God. They are God’s servants before they . . . Read more

Revelation 8 to 11 and the Seven Trumpets

Rev_8-11_-_Trumpets_from_the_early_90s  [This is the Word Document] An Exposition of the Seven Trumpets by Eugene Prewitt   Introduction As a young Bible Student, I was fascinated by the discoveries I made while investigating the prophecies of Revelation. Chapters four through eleven especially gripped me. The scenes described were no doubt relevant . . . Read more

Revelation 10 and the Seven Thunders

The Seven Thunders   Just before the Day of Atonement, on the new moon of the seventh month, there was a feast called “The Feast of Trumpets.” This feast represented the end-time movement that would announce the coming of the judgment, the “Advent Movement.”   It was a world-wide movement . . . Read more