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  1. Hi Eugene. This idea of the faith of Jesus seems to have, in my limited experience, three different schools of thought. I’ll try and explain, then I was wondering whether you’ve encountered the same, and what your thoughts are about the third one in particular.

    (1) First is that the faith spoken of is the faith of the believer in Jesus.
    (2) Second is that the faith spoken of is the faith of Jesus, that is to say, Jesus’ faith (belonging specifically and uniquely to Him alone), as opposed to our faith in Jesus.
    (3) Third is perhaps a sort of blend between the two: The faith of Jesus is the quality of faith that Jesus had, which may be appropriated by the believer. I’ve heard it expressed in the following terms: “Our faith in Jesus produces in us the faith of Jesus.” (That quality of faith, presumably, imparted to us.)

    I’m not sure whether or not I’m describing these ideas accurately, but I hope it makes some kind of sense.

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